New smart mattress can tell you if your partner is cheating on you

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Madrid, Spain - Listen up, cheaters! Forget pillow talk.

Now there's a whole new conversation to have in the bedroom, and the sheets are doing the talkin'!

Yeah, move over pillows... now the mattress can sing like a canary!

Yep, a company in Spain has come up with a high tech "wonder of slumber" that detects if your partner is cheating, and they coined the perfect slogan: "If your partner isn't faithful, then at least your mattress will be."

Geez, what's next? A mattress that will actually light a cigarette and join you for a quick smoke, too?

The "Smarttress"  features a "Lover Detection System" using advanced ultrasonic sensors inside the mattress-- and when it detects suspicious activity it sends notification to your phone to let you know there's something funky going on in your bedroom!

The company has said, "You can't imagine the tests we have done to make sure the system works correctly."

Oh, we can imagine, alright!

Now cheaters can no longer cover-up their dirty laundry when they get busy under-the-covers.

Of course, there's no word on how to handle the possibility of a false alarm or the aftermath of that....with an enraged jealous lover likely going berzerk.

But you can be pretty sure about one thing with a smart mattress, one way or another, your partner is going to rest in peace!

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