NewsFix in Space: Neil Armstrong’s gold lunar module stolen, Luke Skywalker gets his own street!

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HOUSTON  — And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us into the heavens where the famed film-- The Right Stuff-- showed pioneer test pilot Chuck Yeager how to break the sound barrier.

That moment helped pave the way for space travel, and the Oscar-nominated performance of Yeager was turned in by Pulitzer-winning playwright and actor Sam Shepard, who died Monday at age 73.

Shepard helped put Paris, Texas on the map!

Part of that film was shot in the Space City, but maybe space travel owes Shepard a real debt.

As an actor and writer, he definitely had 'the right stuff!'

Meanwhile, over on the moon, somebody must be crying.

Well, that's because somebody stole legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong's solid gold replica of the Lunar Excursion Module!

It was one of only three in existence presented to the Apollo 11 astronauts after they returned to earth in 1969.

Ohio authorities are searching for the culprit who stole the priceless Cartier replica from the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

Now, who steals from the first man to walk on the moon?!

Maybe a trail of moon dust will lead us to this space villain!

Finally, here on earth,'Luke Skywalker' was given quite an honor.

San Diego declared 'Mark Hamill Day' and gave the 'Star Wars' actor his own moon.

Well, okay, not really a moon. But they did name a street after the Jedi, and it took a light saber to show it off!

"It's really, really special to me," Hamill told a huge fired-up crowd. "I'll never forget it."

Way to go, Luke!, Mark!

"The Force is strong with all of you!" Hamill told the crowd of cheering fans. "Thank you so much!"

Until next time, keep watching the skies...and keep watching NewsFix in Space!


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