NewsFix in Space: Water inside the Moon, Hubble captures Martian moon and Sun Flares erupting

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OUTER SPACE-- Today's adventure takes us back to the Moon where a new study from Brown University makes a bold prediction!

Everyone knows the moon is Not made of cheese, but scientists now believe there could be water inside the Moon.

A new study shows ancient volcanic activity on the lunar surface gives some hints about the Moon's interior where there just may be an abundance of H2O.

Other studies have already shown patches of lunar ice in places and deep inside there may be water flowing, too.

Meanwhile, the Hubble Telescope has spotted something extraordinary near Mars.

It's the Martian moon-- Phobos-- one of the smallest moons in our solar system!

The tiny football shaped moon is so small it could actually fit inside the beltway around Washington, D.C.

Scientists say the moon is going to crash into the Red Planet in about 30 to 50 millions years, which will cause Phobos to shatter and become a scattered ring around Mars, just like on Saturn.

Speaking of a solar explosion.

NASA captured this solar flare along with an eruption of a magnetic storm, which lasted over two hours.

This massive explosion of the sun sends energy, light and high speed particles out into space.

Even astronomers in North Houston have captured images of this solar storm in progress.

So much for sunny skies!

Until next time, keep watching the skies and keep watching NewsFix in Space!


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