‘Nothing went right;’ WOW passenger says airline stranded her in Europe for 3 days

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St. Louis, Mo. (KMOV) — Heidi Gioia’s dream European vacation turned into a nightmare, and she’s pointing the finger at WOW Airlines.

She made it to Europe, but when she tried to come back to St. Louis from Berlin, things started to go downhill. Or, as she puts it, they were “disastrous.”

“We just had a continuous delay, delay, delay, and eventually we all just sat there for 12 to 13 hours,” she said, recalling the first day of her return trip.

From there, it got worse.

After loading luggage onto the plane, everyone eventually had to take their bags off and go back into the terminal. As mechanical delays stretched on, Gioia and her husband were left to find their own hotel.

Worse, no one seemed able to give them any information.

“if you call customer service, the customer service number that WOW is outsourced to another country,” she said. “After multiple phone calls they knew less then we did.”

They eventually found a connecting flight from Iceland and were able to return stateside. Scheduled to get home Monday, the couple didn’t arrive until midnight Wednesday.

WOW is one of the newest airlines in St. Louis, offering low-cost flights to Iceland and Europe. Based in Iceland, WOW started flying out of Lambert airport in May. The fuchsia-colored planes came to town with much fanfare, which is why Gioia wanted to try WOW.

The excitement turned to anger over the course three grueling days, and by the time she made it back to St. Louis, she filed a complaint.

“I received an email this morning. A customer survey with a tagline, ‘Did we WOW you?’” Gioia said. “They wowed me in the aspect that there was nothing that went right with this flight.”

When reached for comment, a spokesperson with WOW said they are looking into the incident.

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