Pastafarian gets license photo with pasta strainer

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CHANDLER, Ariz.– A lot people put a lot of trouble into looking good for their driver’s license photo.

One man fought for years to get his just right.

Sean Corbett calls himself a Pastafarian. He’s a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, created in 2005 as a protest against teaching Creationism in public school.

“Basically the religion is a parody of intelligent design,”Corbett said.

Part of his religion includes wearing a pasta strainer as a religious headpiece. For the last few years, Corbett has been trying to make it official and wear the colander in his driver’s license photo.

Arizona DOT said any religious expression should reflect a person’s daily appearance. Corbett, said, “If any religion is allowed, all religions should be allowed.”

After multiple rejections, Corbett finally got his new I.D. the way he wanted, pasta strainer and all.

And that’s the Pastafarian way, man.


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