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Every year, we hear about more and more shark attacks. A new shark detection system could bring peace of mind to summer beach goers. Legendary surfer Ian Cairnes loves the ocean and everything in it from the sharks to the swimmers. He’s helped develop the “Clever Buoy” a platform using sonar to detect what’s below the surface in real time. “It is live 24-7 data from the ocean floor to the surface. 100 yards out, we see everything that comes through that beam. If a shark swims into any of those beams, within 4.5 seconds it’s recognized but it’s size, and then it categorizes how does it swim,” said Cairnes.

The pacific coast has seen a spike in shark attacks, due to several factors, one being an increase in surfers and swimmers. The idea behind this detection system is to find a solution that doesn’t lead to environmental damage or pressure on sharks, which is already a threatened species. “We could create a zone exactly on this beach where you knew the clever buoy was there, you could check your app on your phone, and know whether it’s safe,” said Cairnes.

Two systems float in the ocean outside of the U.S. and there’s plans for one in Corona Del Mar. The price is a little steep depending on the area, in Corona Del Mar it’s about $700,000.

Beach goers say the cost shouldn’t matter, safety first. “I’d feel a lot safer letting her go into the water knowing- especially with the rise in shark attacks in the last couple of years, would definitely be piece of mind to know there’s not sharks there,” said mother Kaitlin Cline.

Cairnes says humans aren’t sharks’ intended targets. Hopefully the new buoy system can help take bite out of shark attacks.