Police: Couple leaves 6-year old in car to go on date

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ALPHARETTA, GA – A Georgia father and his girlfriend are facing charges after police say the couple intentionally left his six-year-old son alone in a car for nearly 40 minutes.

Detectives found surveillance video that shows a woman walking a little boy out of an Alpharetta, Georgia restaurant a few weeks ago. Police say Jacqueline Tabb left the kid in his father’s car while she returned to the restaurant without him to have a date.

“We had a 6-year-old that’s by himself in a vehicle while custodial dad for this visitation period is inside the restaurant having dinner with his girlfriend,” said George Gordon with the Alpharetta Police Department.

Police say the child called his mother from the car, and the mother alerted authorities through 911.

“Cobb County contacted and also spoke to the 6-year-old boy,” said Gordon. “The 6-year-old boy was able to give us succinct details about the street name and basically where he is located.”

Police responded and now Tabb, and the boy’s father, Aric Keck, are charged with reckless conduct.

WSB-TV reached were unable to get a comment from the Keck’s attorney about the incident.



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