Pop-up O.J. Simpson Museum now open in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - For those who just can't seem to quench their thirst for more O.J., well now you can get up close and personal with everything O.J. Simpson at this new pop-up museum in LA.

Of course you can't miss it with the vintage white Ford Bronco parked out front!

For some, it's like a trip in a time capsule back to the '90s.

For others, it's an in-depth look at the O.J. effect on pop culture.

"Behind me is the world's largest collection of bootleg O.J. T-shirts," O.J. museum curator Adam Papagan explained. "There were mostly T-shirts made to be sold outside of the trial at Camp O.J., which is where the media gathered."

And there's a little bit of everything here.

"Items that you would probably not think- O.J. lottery tickets, O.J. phone cards, O.J. pogs," Papagan described. "We have three different O.J. board games-- all with different game play, all with different titles. One is a trivia game. One is called 'Squeeze The Juice,' where you play O.J.'s legal team and try to drain him of money. And of course, there's OJopoly."

But the O.J. obsession doesn't end there!

"There are over 40 O.J. books, so we have as many as we can," Papagan pointed out.

Everywhere you look, there's something from O.J.'s life.

"The rarest item we have is definitely a sign that was taken off of the gate of O.J.'s house immediately after the car chase," Papagan said.

Yeah, the sign was kept under a guy's bed for 23 years!

"He contacted me on Facebook. He's like-- this sign belongs in a museum!" Papagan added.

So, if you just gotta have some more O.J., come thirsty!

But just don't try to make a fast get-away when you visit!





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