Pope to auction off his custom Lamborghini in May

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The Pope may have realized that his custom Lambo isn’t doing much good just sitting around, so he has decided to auction it off in May. The Italian car company gifted the pope a $200,000 white-painted special edition Lamborghini in 2017.

The Pope is no stranger to an auction.

In 2013, the Pope blessed a $13,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle that sold for more than $300,000, and when he put his name on a Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket — that sold for almost $80,000.

Sotheby’s is hosting the Lamborghini auction and the Pope signed the Lamborghini. They are expecting the car to go for as much as $303,000 to $425,000.

Seventy percent of the proceeds will go to rebuilding homes and churches for Christians chased out of Iraq by ISIS and the rest will be evenly divided for providing medical aid in Africa and helping migrant women who are trafficked and forced into prostitution.

Not even a Lambo could make the Pope turn his back on the Popemobile!

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