Preschool forced to view eclipse indoors after receiving fake glasses from Amazon

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What if the universe held a solar eclipse, and nobody showed up?

Well, America doesn't need to worry about that, but a daycare school in Missouri has had to change course on their eclipse-viewing plans.

The box of 75 total eclipse viewing glasses delivered to the school by Amazon this week contained fake  glasses. Now, the little tykes at this school are facing an eclipse of their eclipse party!

"As more news trickled in about questions, about the safety of them and protection for the children's eyes, we started thinking, 'What are some alternatives?'" Lisa French, executive director at Spectrum Station, said.

Naturally, looking at the total eclipse without proper eye wear is not an option since even a partial eclipse can cause a person to suffer permanent eye damage. Even folks driving during the eclipse on Monday are urged not to look up directly at the sun.

And don't drive in your eclipse glasses or try to take pictures with your hands on the wheel.

Ironically, the school is called Spectrum Station, but now these little pre-schoolers won't get to see the full spectrum of Monday's eclipse.

They will watch a NASA livestream from the safety of their classroom.

The school says it's their way of making lemonade out of lemons.

"We were a little bit disappointed because we were so geared up," French said. "We wanted everybody to get out there with their glasses and really talk it up. But, at the end of the day, safety comes first."

But at least the kids won't leave empty-handed. They'll get to keep their fake eclipse glasses as a souvenir!

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