Presidential candidates are done playing nice

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SOUTH CAROLINA – Politics ain’t for the faint of heart, and it’s certainly not child’s play–unless you’re Texas Senator Ted Cruz. His latest attack ad features kids playing with dolls. A little boy holds up a Donald Trump doll and says, “Look, I got the Trump action figure!” Another child asks what the doll does, and the boy responds, “He pretends to be a Republican!”

Looks like Cruz is done playing nice, and so is Donald Trump! The real estate mogul fired back with his own ad, calling Cruz “the worst kind of Washington insider.”

Trump is on top after an overwhelming victory in the New Hampshire primary, making him the primary target ahead of South Carolina. From Jeb’s jabs, to Rubio’s rebuff, to tabloid taunts, Trump even got the “Funny or Die” treatment, starring Johnny Depp!

When it comes to the Democrats, the internet is eating up a delicious slip of the tongue by MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes, who accidentally called Bernie Sanders, Bernie “Sandwiches.” Check out #berniesandwiches for a second helping.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s looking to take a bite outta Bernie’s big victory in New Hampshire. With the Congressional Black Caucus on her side, Clinton will be working hard to court black and Latino voters. She’ll be in Chicago next week alongside the mother of Sandra Bland, hitting the issue of racial inequality in the criminal justice system.

But first, the Dems meet in Milwaukee tonight for their next debate. No debate about it, the political show must go on.



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