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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A racist rant was recorded and plastered on the internet for all to hear.

The recording is reportedly of a prominent Memphis couple who were on the phone with a restaurant employee in the Turks and Caicos trying to retrieve the woman’s phone.

“Go back to Africa, n*****,” the voice said. “Do you know who you’re talking to?

“I want my wife’s phone back.”

“No one has your phone here, buddy,” someone responded

Businesses that the couple have been associated with have been quick to denounce the language in the recording.

“This recording shows a despicable act by a despicable person. Anybody who makes a statement like this is not eligible for employment with the Greater Memphis Chamber. Anyone who engages in conversation like this would be terminated from the Chamber,” a spokesperson for the Memphis Chamber of Commerce said.

Loeb Properties also condemned it saying, “Loeb Properties strongly condemns the language and sentiment of the reprehensible recording that has been widely distributed in the press. The individuals involved are in now way associated with Loeb Properties.”

Dr. Bill Adkins, who marched in the civil rights era, had no shortage of words for the people heard using the “n” word over and over again.

“This is deplorable and it’s sad. It’s sick,” said Adkins “I’m sorry won’t get it. I think there needs to be some explanation of why this racist rant went on so long.”

The couple’s attorney released this statement to Newsfix-affiliate WREG in Memphis:

A “news” story has made its way from Turks & Caicos to Memphis. It is a story that is false in many respects but it is now garnering such attention here that it simply cannot be ignored or go without a response given how it threatens the reputations and privacy of people who are now about to be victimized twice.

I represent Ms. Loeb and her husband. Ms. Loeb’s phone was stolen while she and her husband were at a restaurant in Turks & Caicos. That is true. Her phone was never returned to her. That is false. The fact that the “leaked” recording shows a picture of Ms. Loeb’s phone makes clear that the people who released the alleged recorded call still had the phone they stole. Given their willingness to lie about what they did with the phone, everything else they claim occurred must also be doubted.

After Ms. Loeb’s phone was stolen, she shared that fact on her social media account and asked her online friends to negatively review the restaurant in question. Apparently that did not go over well with someone who worked at that restaurant because they’ve now gone to great lengths to attempt to defame Ms. Loeb and her husband.

For the record, Ms. Loeb and her husband were certainly not doing drugs during their time in Turks & Caicos and the conversation that is being claimed to occur is faked in many respects as neither of them would use the terms or speak in the manner portrayed.