Protestors rally outside office of Sen. Ted Cruz amid immigration crackdown

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Amidst continued protests, new guidelines and concerns regarding immigration. Homeland Security is rolling out President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies— and a traffic violation is enough to get an undocumented immigrant deported.

The two memos from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly lay out the department’s plans to follow through on Trump’s January executive orders on border security, expanding the number of immigrants considered top priorities for removal and speeding up the deportation process.

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Under the new plan released Tuesday, any immigrant living in the U.S. illegally who is charged with or convicted of a crime will be considered a priority for deportation. Kelly also called for an expansion of the U.S.’s expedited removal process.

To support the revved-up policies, Kelly directed DHS to hire 10,000 new immigration and customs agents.

Houston residents rallied outside Sen. Ted Cruz’s office to demand he show himself. Most in the group feel Cruz isn’t representing their concerns in the White House.

“The people in their home states are the ones that voted for them and put them into office and they represent us. And our beliefs,” Christina Hughes said.

Linda Morales said many in her community are concerned about what’s going on in Washington, or the lack thereof.

“And certainly, we’ve been calling on Senator Cruz to meet with us constituents to have a town hall meeting he has ignored our calls, he has ignored our emails. So we’re right here on his front steps,” Linda Morales said.

A lot of political drama, and a lot of tension to go with it.

“We have to count on our politicians to defend our country, including making sure our president is not doing something wrong,” John Jurgensen said.


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