Raccoon climbs to the top of a high-rise and captures the internet’s attention

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — The masked mammal who scaled a skyscraper and enthralled the internet has been caught!  Meet the rogue little rascal from Minnesota who`s epic journey up the side of a 25-story building became Twitter’s top trending topic as crowds gathered to gawk.

“It’s a living creature that’s in peril, you know,” one on-looker said.

Her climb commenced on Tuesday. She was seen trapped on an overhang near the bottom of the building in St. Paul. The adventurous varmint got spooked and when raccoons get scared, they go up!

Maybe she was channeling her inner Spidey, and just kept going higher and higher, finally taking a break on a law firm’s ledge on the 23rd floor.

“It’s hard not to have the little guy not capture your attention and your heart,” said attorney Sheila Donnelly-Coyne.

Animal Control’s roof-top trap was set with canned cat food to lure the little dare-devil the rest of the way. It worked! The critter scaled to safety overnight and has already been released on private property in the suburbs.

The internet went nuts over the video!

“To be honest we never expected anything like this,” said Christina Valdivia of Wildlife Management Services.

Just call this raccoon a social media climber!

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