Rape trending?! Congressman, Texas A&M student senators face backlash over rape comments

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas– Since when did rape become a trending topic? It started with Donald Trump’s recently released comments on that Access Hollywood bus, saying he could pretty much grab the genitals of any woman he wanted. Meow!

Then a guy in Detroit Monday tried to flip the script on Hillary Clinton by showing up at her rally in a Bill Clinton “Rape” shirt. He was quickly tossed out.

And then there’s poor Blake Farenthold, a Texas congressman from Corpus Christi on MSNBC.  Moderator Chris Hayes asked Farenthold, “If a tape came out with Donald Trump saying that, saying, ‘I really like to rape women.’ you would continue to endorse him?”

“That would be bad,” said the congressman, clearly fumbling for a response before adding, “I’d consider it.”

Of course, after the show, he reconsidered, tweeting, “I apologize for my failure to immediately condemn anyone who would say something as outrageous as they like raping women.”

Some guys at Texas A&M should take a cue from him. Student senators on a recent GroupMe chat joked about student body president Hannah Wimberly’s looks, comparing her to a pig. Then they went on to diss her little sister.

Senior Taylor Baumann going so far as to write, “Careful. You might accidentally rape her.”

Wimberly took the messages to the Senate, saying, “I could care less when you talk about me, but to talk about a 17-year-old girl and to talk about raping her is probably the most egregious behavior that I can possibly imagine. Sexual assault is not a joke. Sexual assault is not something you talk about in a GroupMe to get a like.”

She received thunderous applause, and the student senate voted one of the men out right away. The other, Baumann, wrote in the school paper, “There is absolutely no excuse, no justifiable reason, for making such deplorable, disgusting comments that completely disrespect the worth of another human being.”

Both men now face disciplinary investigations from the university.

Remember folks, nothing you share media-wise is private anymore, and it can all be used against you later. Just ask Donald Trump.

And as for all this casual ‘rape talk,’ that’s a trend that can’t be over too soon!



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