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RHODE ISLAND—Waiting tables is a thankless job, but every now and then the tipping gods smile on a lucky server.

Kay-dene Lewis was working her usual Friday shift at TGI Fridays when a family of generous diners left her with a $236 tip on a $63 tab.

“I was in shock, everyone else was in shock, and we were all screaming, and it was a really great moment. It was the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten. I am very grateful,” said Lewis.

When the family was leaving they didn’t explain why they left a tip four times the normal amount, they simply told Lewis to have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

The General Manager, Rob Robert, said if this was going to happen to anyone of the employees it was going to be Kay.

“Kay has a great personality, she knows how to talk to people and she’s just pleasant all of the time,” said Robert.

Lewis is a college student splitting her time between studies and work. She says she will be using the extra tip money to buy Christmas gifts for her family. She was so moved by the family’s generous tip that she herself feels the need to help make others feel good.

“All this week and probably the rest of my life, I’m always going to try to do things like that to make other people feel the way I felt,” said Lewis.