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SAN ANTONIO, Tex. – Talk about a crappy sandwich!

That’s just what one San Antonio cop allegedly fed to a homeless person. Literally, as in pure feces!

Officer Matthew Luckhurst is accused of putting fecal matter between two slices of bread, and then intentionally giving it to a homeless man.

Well, now the five-year veteran cop finds himself in deep doo-doo because he’s been reportedly fired over the incident.

The SA police chief calls the whole incident “a vile and disgusting act.”

Apparently,  Luckhurst had bragged about the “fecal” sandwich to a fellow officer, and his partner ratted on him to Internal Affairs.

Luckhurst’s attorney says the whole thing was just a joke that “spiraled out of control.”

Well, who knows if the homeless man actually took a bite out of the sandwich, but there’s a lot of folks who sure think Luckhurst should be forced to eat it!