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HOUSTON  — The clowns are at it again.

Wednesday morning, Willowridge High School in Fort bend, was placed on lock down after receiving clown related “threats” on social media. And later that evening, parents and students at a Fort Bend elementary school complained about a person in a clown mask harassing them.

Nobody was hurt in either incident, but clown chaos is taking over the country! and some of these bozo’s mean business! There was even an armed robbery in Michigan this week. So what are adults supposed to say to kids about all these crazy clowns? Deidre Aldridge, a Houston resident says, “My god-daughter is absolutely frightened. And we just told her, you know, this happened back when we where small.”

That’s right! Way, WAY back in 1983, Houston was hit by another kiddie-like hysteria. It wasn’t clowns then. It was Smurfs! Aldridge recalls, “The Smurfs were really big. They told us they were coming to different schools. They were attacking children.” In the early 80’s, Houston officials thought a gang calling themselves “Smurfs” were responsible for perpetrating threats to area schools. Aldridge adds, “I went to Lanier Middle School. Our school was on lockdown. All of the kids were like frightened. All of the tough kids were frightened.”

Twenty-five years later, folks still aren’t quit sure who or what, the Smurfs were. Aldridge says, “No one ever came. Nobody ever showed up. It was pretty much a hoax in my era.” But the kids back then believed this “gang” was not to be toyed with.

Childish threats or not, most believe it’s always better to play it safe. We survived the Smurfs. We’ll survive these clowns. And let’s hope no other childhood memories comeback to haunt us anytime soon.