School cafeteria worker in Pennsylvania resigns over “lunch shaming”

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CANONSBURG, Penn. – Talk about shameful!

A Pennsylvania school cafeteria worker– Stacy Koltiska–  has resigned after being forced to take a hot lunch away from a hungry child…..all because of a new school policy she calls “lunch shaming.”

The policy requires cafeteria workers to hold back hot lunches from kids’ parents who owe the district $25 or more for past lunches.

In this case, Koltiska says a student’s parent owed more than $25 for lunches.

So, by policy, Koltiska was forced to take a hot lunch away from the child and give him a cold cheese sandwich, instead.

“The woman I was working with was trying to get my attention– but I didn’t see cause we’re serving so many kids– to tell me before I gave him the chicken to give him the cheese. but it was too late,” Koltiska recalled. “He already had his tray.”

Koltiska says having to “shame” the little boy in front of his friends just broke her heart. “His eyes welled up with tears. I’ll never forget his name,” she said. “….The look on his face.”

The whole ordeal caused Koltiska to quit, and she even posted the new lunch policy on Facebook to spread the word.

The post has already had well over 3,000 shares!

The district claims they enacted the new policy to deal with a backlog of 300 parents who owed tens of thousands of dollars.

And now there are only about 70 parents who still owe money.

Yet, school officials say the policy was never intended to “shame” any students.

Geez, remember when school bullies used to steal kids’ lunch money?

Now… looks like the school “district” has become the new bully on the block!



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