Secret sex behind bars and other crazy happenings according to investigation of historic prison break

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DANNEMORA, NY – What does it take to break out of a maximum security prison where no one else has ever successfully escaped in more than 100 years?

Now, thanks to an inspector general’s 150-page report, we’re learning what it took for convicted  killers Richard Matt and David Sweat to make the dramatic escape out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

For starters….having lots of sex with a prison seamstress.

The prison’s “tailor shop” could have easily been re-named the “sex shop!”

According to testimony, Matt had sex with prison employee Joyce Mitchell in the shop “almost daily.”

If that isn’t crazy enough, the prison seamstress admits to cutting a hole in Matt’s pants — she said his “ego” needed to be stroked.

The flirtatious married woman said both convicts “zoned in on my unhappiness” until they were able to get her caught up in a “fantasy.”

Mitchell eventually helped them break out by giving them hacksaw blades and tools she smuggled into the tailor shop.

The report shows the convicts were typical “bad boy” types, constantly screening others for a weakness they could exploit.

The “master-manipulators” charmed prison guards into treating the pair more like “buddies” than like heartless, brutal killers.

From the get-go, their goal was to out-smart guards who let their guard down.

For months, the duo plotted the breakout including three months of intense digging and cutting.

The investigation found guards failed to properly conduct 15 weekly cell inspections.  In that period, Sweat should have been counted in his cell 400 times.  The report says if only one count was done properly, the escape plan would have been instantly stopped.

The intense manhunt cost New York state $23 million alone in law enforcement overtime!

In the end, the report shows that even Hollywood couldn’t have scripted a more ideal set of conditions for a prison break.



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