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HOUSTON — It used to be when we talked about things that were 3D, you’d think of that headache you get at the movies after wearing those glasses.

Now, 3D printers are a big thing. Sure, they can make things like coffee cups and high heel shoes, but I’m sure many of you have heard how they can also make guns.

There hasn’t been this much talk about homemade guns since this movie 25 years ago.

There’s a real-life drama playing out right now between a Texas man, trying to put blueprints for 3D guns online and a federal judge who ruled –not so fast.

Attorneys General from eight states convinced the judge that, for now, info like a blueprint for a gun is not be a good thing to download.

Is it just me?

Aren’t you surprised someone made a federal case out of this?

It would have been a better use of time if this case involved other “educational stuff” already online that could hurt you.

In less than 10 minutes online,  I found blueprints for a nuclear bomb, a pipe bomb and a flamethrower .

I learned how to rob a bank, how to build a biological weapon, how to steal an identity in 7 easy steps and I also found something to download that will let me hack into your iPhone.

This kind of stuff could ruin your day.

I didn’t even have to go to the dark web to find it, so you could imagine what else is out there.

Regardless how you feel about the Second Amendment, don’t you feel this whole 3D gun thing is another example of how politicians think they are fixing an issue, but not really solving a problem.

Bad people will do bad things with or without a 3D printer.

The problem is some people are shortsighted and think 3D stands for death, damage and destruction.

When it comes to this gun issue , I  think the D stands for…D’oh!