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HOUSTON (KIAH) Olympic gold medalist and Spring, Texas native Simone Biles is officially engaged to Houston Texans‘ football safety, NFL player Jonathan Owens, 26. She announced the engagement on social media early Tuesday.


The two have been dating for about two years. Now it’s official. On Twitter, Biles wrote:

WOKE UP A FIANCÉE 💍💍😭 I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married! @jjowens_3

Simone Biles Twitter account

On Twitter, in sunlit photos, you see formally dressed Owens down on one knee proposing. In the next, her look of surprise and shock as she wears her new engagement ring. Followed by a loving embrace. Owens is noticeably wearing a cast on his left wrist. The final photo posted is Biles’ attempt to conceal an ear-to-ear grin.

Bonus snaps on the gymnast’s Instagram account include a kiss as the couple holds celebratory glasses of champagne, with the engagement bauble on full display. A following photo is of the two in a hand-in-hand embrace. A final share is a closeup of the diamond-studded engagement ring.

About Jonathan Owens

Owens played in seven games last season for the Texans at safety with 18 tackles one interception and one fumble recovery.