South Carolina proposes ban against all energy drinks for teens

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COLUMBIA, South Carolina - Here's a thirsty tale. The state of South Carolina wants to take away all energy drinks from teens!

"We want to treat the energy as if it were an alcohol,"  Democratic South Carolina State House Rep. Leon Howard declared.

It might seem a bit like 'bad energy,' but officials feel they have to do something to get people's attention about the harm that can come from mixing energy drinks or drinking too many at a time.

"We have so many young innocent people who are not aware," Howard added. "They might not have the knowledge to control the consumption."

One South Carolina 16-year-old died after drinking a Mountain Dew, coffee, and an energy drink -- all within 40 minutes.

"The way he ingested it brought on a cardiac event, probably a cardiac arrhythmia," Richland County Coroner Gary Watts suggested.

The FDA recommends adults drink no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine, but just one energy drink alone can contain about 300 milligrams!

"It is something that can be dangerous, especially to young adults," Watts warned.

The South Carolina ban would prohibit anyone under 18 from buying energy drinks anywhere in the Palmetto State and could go into effect next year.

So, how would folks in the 'Energy Capital of the World' feel about losing their energy drinks here?

"Well, I'm not a fan of banning anything really, " Houstonian Taylor Vinnels shared. "I do think that it should be more parents telling their kids, you know, 'Look, these are dangerous. You need to steer clear of this.' ...because there's Taurine in them and a lot of caffeine."

"I think there's quite a few different types of side effects that go into it that people aren't aware of on a daily basis," Kayla Vernon said. it or not, it looks like a war on energy drinks may be brewing, and that's no Red Bull!


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