Southwest Airlines flies animals from Puerto Rico to D.C.

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HOUSTON — Our furry friends in the friendly skies are flying first class.

“This is a really remarkable flight that we are doing,” Lucky Dog Founder and Executive Director Maria Horowitz said.

Southwest Airlines teamed up with a few rescue organizations to fly over 60 animals from Puerto Rico to D.C. in the wake of Hurricane Maria. They even had the entire plane all to themselves, “so because southwest doesn’t normally fly pets and cargo our pets are flying pets first class they will be flying in crates that are strapped into the seats,” said Horowitz.

These dozens of cats and dogs are saying goodbye to their ruff life. Lucky dog Animal Rescue is helping them find a permanent home, after they were left behind during evacuations. “People have fled the island of Puerto Rico and they’ve just abandoned their pets…many of these dogs and cats that we are taking on this flight are animals that had homes,” Horowitz said.

How about this for a pup-date update, at least 36 dogs and 6 cats have already been picked up at baggage claim. Now only if the others could be adopted as soon as possible, like right, meow.


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