Special flags are made with special good will by Goodwill for families of veterans

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MIAMI - The American flag means different things to different people, but some things about Old Glory are not up for debate.  The stripes represent the original 13 colonies, and there's one star representing each state in the union.

On Independence Day, we have discovered the flags made at the Goodwill Flag Center in Florida have an even greater meaning for the people who make them.  Lourdes de la Mata-Little is the director of Goodwill Marketing. "Many times people come to us looking for their own independence and an opportunity for hope and jobs, and that`s what we do here."

Each of the 600 flags made is made by an employee with disabilities, and Goodwill has more than 900 employees. Each flag is made for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with embroidery machines that are nearly a hundred years old.

"It's good!" Workers like Francisco take pride in what they do. "It's good job and good work. It's very nice."

Each of these flags is an internment flag which means it's made of cotton. "These are the ones that are folded up into triangles and then presented to the families of the veterans who passed away. So, it is a very special flag," Mata-Little said.

They pay extremely close attention to detail.  Every stripe must be exactly 4.5" wide.  Every star must measure 3" in diameter.  When placed on a table, it must lie flat with no pleats or any loose threads. "Again it is a great symbol of our freedom and independence which again is something that they're working on personally."

Goodwill is planning on adding another 125 people with disabilities to the payroll.  Because, Old Glory means independence, in more ways than one!

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