Study says having kids may increase your life expectancy

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HOUSTON - Nobody ever said parenting was easy. But it could lengthen your life!  Of course, you have to overcome a few hurdles along the way.

There's sleep deprivation, diapers and kids throwing up. Let's face it -- parenting can be downright yucky!

But if you make it through the tantrums and the teenage years, a new study says having kids may actually increase your life expectancy.

A team of Swedish researchers say, by age 60, women who have kids may live 18 months longer than those who don't. Men could add two more years than their childless counterparts.

In fairness, the study cannot prove having kids causes longer life. But the Swedes have a theory: aging parents benefit socially and financially, from their adult children. Something childless people miss out on.

Moral of the story: never underestimate the joys of raising kids! Remember that next time you feel like losing your damn mind!!



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