Survivors of mass-shooting at Colorado theater forced to pay Cinemark $700,000

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AURORA, Colo. – Talk about adding insult to injury!

A federal judge has ordered four survivors of the 2012 Colorado movie theater massacre to pay the Cinemark movie theater chain $700,000!

Back in July 2012, deranged shooter James Holmes opened fire inside the Century Aurora Multiplex and killed 12 while injuring 70 others.

More than two dozen survivors sued the theater’s owner Cinemark for not providing adequate security to prevent the shooting.

But last May, a jury found Cinemark was not liable for the shooting.

Lawyers for Cinemark reportedly offered a settlement of $150,000, which was split 41 ways between the plaintiffs!

One of the survivors said that offer was a slap in the face.

Now, he and three others are truly getting beat-up by having to fork-over at least $700,000.

A federal judge ordered the four survivors who refused the settlement to pay the “legal fees” of the third largest movie theater chain in the nation.

So not only did they lose the suit, now they’ve gotta pick up the tab.

Back in 2013, a victim’s mother, Sandy Phillips, made a prophetic statement about the theater owners.

“We keep getting battered and bruised by the very people that should be reaching out to us and caring for us,” Phillips said.

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