Survivors suing Orlando cops over Pulse Nightclub shooting; will Santa Fe survivors and family members follow?

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ORLANDO, Fla. - As the second anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando approaches next Tuesday, some survivors and family members of victims are now suing the city of Orlando and its police department for failure to protect the public during the 2016 shooting rampage.

"They're willing to put on a bullet-proof vest and risk their lives to save strangers.  That's what they signed up for, that's what is expected of them and that's why they are heroes," attorney Solomon Radner declared. "But when you're being relied on for that kind of thing, and instead of doing that you abandon your post and allow people to be killed, that in my opinion, shocks the conscience."

A total of 50 people were injured and 49 killed in the Pulse shooting, which was considered the deadliest mass shooting in America until the Las Vegas shooting massacre eclipsed it last year.

The Pulse suit blames certain officers for retreating and staying back from the club.

The Orlando Police Department and city have no comment on the suit so far.

But pointing a finger at cops seems to be catching on.

Already the father of a Parkland school shooting victim has sued the former Broward Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson for failing to do his duty to enter the school and try to stop the shooter.

Now some wonder if survivors and victims' families from the Santa Fe school shooting will also file a lawsuit against law enforcement responders in Santa Fe?

Already several families have joined a wrongful death suit against the shooter's parents.

In all these tragedies, there seems to be plenty of blame to go around, but ultimately it looks like certain juries will get to decide how far that blame extends beyond the monsters who pulled the triggers.





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