Suspended cop found guilty of drunk driving and causing a deadly crash

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ERIE, Penn. — A suspended cop in Pennsylvania has found herself on the wrong side of the law.

A jury in Erie, Pennsylvania has found officer Cheryl Frey guilty on multiple charges including drunk driving, causing a three-car collision and killing a 57-year-old man, Wade Schultze.

The deadly car crash happened back in February 2017. Investigators said Frey crashed head-on into Schultze's car before the victim was hit by a third vehicle.

It was later determined that all three drivers were legally drunk at the time of the pileup.

"The evidence pointed to one lead cause and that was Cheryl Frey, and the way she was driving," Erie County Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Lightner said after the verdict.

Surveillance video from two separate bars showed that Frey chugged a total of 13 drinks before getting behind the wheel.

Frey was found to have nearly three times the legal limit in her system!

She also had up to five different substances in her system to boot!

Yet, Frey's attorney didn't dispute she was drunk, he just claimed that it was the third car that killed Schultze and not his client's.

The attorney said, "He survived the first accident. It was the second accident that killed him."

But the jury just didn't buy that argument.

"The jury could see that she was in no condition to drive the moment she chose to drive and ended up killing Wade Schultze," Lightner insisted.

Now the suspended officer faces a minimum of three years behind bars when she gets sentenced on Aug. 1 for involuntary manslaughter and homicide by DUI.

Just another sad reminder no one should ever drive drunk— even if they wear a badge!

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