Temple ISD bond on the border of being approved or denied


TEMPLE, Texas – Approval of a Temple Independent School District bond will depend on mail-in votes and provisional votes. Right now, the vote has more in opposition than in favor.

Temple ISD proposed two bond propositions – A and B. Proposition A was for $178 million to cover a wide range of projects. Some of those needs include a new elementary school, enhanced security, and equity among programs.

“Whenever a voter feels strong about certain issues, and we’ve had it where it came down to just the few votes,” Elections Chief Deputy Jeanette Compean said. “That’s why it’s so important. And we stress to individuals – that’s why you come and vote.”

Next Tuesday, if the margin of votes remains close for Proposition A, Temple ISD might request a recount.

Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott said, “If at that time the bond does not pass, I would just like to say that I am very proud of our professionalism, positivity and honesty throughout this process.”

Proposition B was for renovations at Wildcat Stadium, but this had almost 700 more opposing votes than in favor.

The Bell County Election Board is unsure of the amount of provisional votes – but for mail-in votes, there are about 220 needing to be counted.

Compean said primarily the people who request mail-in ballots are those 65 and up, those with disabilities or people who are out of the county on Election Day.

Compean said this is exactly why it is so important to vote – because an election can come down to just a few people.

“Your voice does make a difference. Your vote does make a difference,” Compean said.

Dr. Ott said regardless of the outcome, Temple ISD will continue serving their kids and improving their lives the Temple way.

“In Temple ISD, our response will be consistent with our values prior to the election – professional, honest, positive and forward thinking,” Dr. Ott said.

Temple ISD said its facility needs remain the same, especially in light of growth, and this is something they will need to discuss more with the community and address in the future.

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