Texas preacher claims Women’s March in D.C. was witchcraft, while real witches put hex on President Trump

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WASHINGTON — A Texas preacher says the Washington Women's March following President Donald Trump's inauguration was a sign that all those women are real life witches.

"Witchcraft is the spirit of Jezebel," the Texas evangelist Lance Wallnau declared in a video blog. "So, it makes sense to me that there'd be half a million women that would show up the next day."

According to the preacher's website Lance Wallnau.com, he was one of only three evangelical leaders who correctly predicted Trump's presidency.

And he says now that Trump is in the White House there's "the manifestation of an enraged demon through the populace."

"It's a witchcraft that's operating behind this stuff!" Wallnau insisted on his blog.

Well, maybe this guy has a point.

Turns out, in San Diego over the weekend, there was a gathering of witches who met to put a hex on the president.

"It's incredible that anyone could be so stupid as to do so many things that are hurtful to the American people," one of the bewitching protesters, Mary Lou Finley, said.

"And it's threatening and it's destructive," Wallnau said of the Women's March. "And it's clearly the work of the devil. And the media! Mind control!"

Well, forget about "The Real Housewives of D.C."

Now, it just may be time for "The Real Witches of Washington!"



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