These are the 10 worst U.S. cities to live in, site claims


DETROIT, MI – SEPTEMBER 05: An abandoned home is seen with the Detroit skyline in the background on September 5, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit is struggling with over 78,000 abandoned homes across 140 square miles and 16% unemployment; in July, the city declared bankruptcy. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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If you’re looking for a new city, you may want to consider these 10, deemed by 24/7 Wall St. as the worst U.S. cities to live in.

The site looked at all 551 cities with a population of 65,000 or more, comparing factors including crime rates, employment growth, educational attainment, housing affordability, and even access to restaurants and attractions.

From there, it came up with the 50 you’d probably want to live in least:

    1. Detroit, Michigan: The city has a 39.8% poverty rate and the second highest violent crime rate in the US.
    2. Birmingham, Alabama: 29.2% poverty rate and declining employment.
    3. Flint, Michigan: 40.8% poverty rate, the highest in the US.


    1. St. Louis, Missouri: 24.9% poverty rate and the highest violent crime rate in the US.
    2. Memphis, Tennessee: 26.2% poverty rate and high rates of both violent crime and property crime.
    3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 26.8% poverty rate and the lowest median household income in the state.
    4. Albany, Georgia: 32% poverty rate and a 7.9% unemployment rate.
    5. Hartford, Connecticut: 28.3% poverty rate, high unemployment rate, and declining population rate.
    6. Merced, California: 35.1% poverty rate and a 10.7% unemployment rate, one of the worst in the US.
    7. Wilmington, Delaware: 26% poverty rate and a high cost of living.

Click for the full list of 50.

This article originally appeared on Newser: 10 Worst U.S. Cities to Live In

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