Toy experts warn parents about the possible toy shortage


HOUSTON (KIAH) – Toy experts are warning parents about the possible toy shortage this year caused by the pandemic and shipping delays.

This year, experts are highly encouraging people to shop in-store. They say online might not be the best option because it’s going to be a lot harder to find toys.

Although there’s a higher demand for toys this year, the supply is not there.

We spoke with an expert with the Toy Insider who says Christmas toys usually hit shelves in July or August. However, this season, they didn’t arrive until September and early October. There’s a lot that still has not arrived.

Experts say there’s a shortage of shipping containers that carry packages and hundreds of ships are stuck at sea waiting to get into porting docks. Not to mention there are fewer people working to unload and short arriving items.

Laurie Schacht, Chief Toy Officer at the Toy Insider, says the biggest obstacle is shipping and imports this season.

“Just like everything else, the toy industry is feeling the effects of shortages and getting product. Most toys are still made in China. Getting product into those containers is difficult. There’s a container shortage. Which has boosted the price to get container space significantly, ” said Schacht.

For parents still looking to top their kid’s wish list here are a few tips…

Shop at local stores. Meaning supporting small businesses. Those retailers might have toys you wouldn’t see in a Walmart, Target, or the mall.

Also, Schacht says kids stop playing with toys at a younger age now. To keep them engaged, buy toys with a technology component. 

Lastly, waiting until the week of Christmas won’t cut it this year. As experts always say, it’s best to get your shopping done early. If you wait…the things on your Christmas list may not be there.

There’s a chance your gifts could arrive after the new year.

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