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ORLANDO, Fla.—A surveillance video showing a quick-thinking TSA agent shows the chaos that was caused by an explosion inside the Orlando International Airport Friday.

Turns out, a lithium battery overheated and exploded inside a passenger’s bag.

“I was so close to the bag, let me get it out of the way,”Agent Ricardo Perez said.

On the surveillance video you can see agent Perez grab the smoking bag as passengers frantically scatter throughout the terminal.  His goal was to get that bag as far away from people as possible, so he moved it closer to concrete.

“In between the pillars in hopes that if it would go off it would be able to have some of the shock absorbed by the pillar and the concrete posts,” said Perez.

Every person who was on a plane sitting on the tarmac, waiting at a gate or just in the terminal had to go through airport security again.  In all, 24 flights were canceled and others were grounded for nearly four hours.

The TSA agent may have put himself in harm’s way but feels no regrets for his actions. Just plenty of relief.  “That it wasn’t a worst case scenario,”

said Perez.

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