UK protestors outraged after they are denied the right to fly ‘Trump Baby’ over Parliament during Queens meet and greet

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LONDON, United Kingdom— President Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth when he visits Britain on Jul. 13, and protesters are already up in arms.

After months of crowdfunding to pay for a huge Trump balloon that depicts the president as an orange baby, protestors were told by City Hall that they will not be able to fly it over over Parliament during the president’s visit.

Trump protestor, Leo Murray shared what he was told by City Hall through a post on his Twitter page.

“We have asked the Mayor to let us fly him over Parliament when Trump visits Britain on 13th July. But officials at City Hall have told us that  is “not a protest”. Apparently, he is “art”. Here he is, all 6m of him: 2/n.”

The protestors have even gone as far as to set up various social media accounts named “Trump Baby” to target London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

One post reads, “I am a giant orange baby with tiny hands. I just want to fly above Parliament on July 13th when little Donald visit Britain. But says I can’t. Sad! Tell to let fly!”

CNN spoke with the US Ambassador to the UK, Robert Wood Johnson who said the meeting is very important and historic.”

“Putting his foot on the ground of British soil, it’s job one — very, very important, very symbolic,” said Johnson. “Meeting Her Majesty is the most important thing, because she’s the head of state, and from there on, it’ll be what the president wants to do.”

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