UN ends humanitarian efforts in Syria

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ALEPPO, Syria — A country in shambles gets dealt another blow.

The United Nations has stopped all humanitarian efforts in Syria after an airstrike on a 31-truck UN aid convoy left 20 civilians dead. The trucks were headed to deliver much needed medical supplies to approximately 78,000 people.

If this callous attack is found to be deliberate targeting of humanitarians, it would amount to a war crime, one source said.

The U.S. has reached a preliminary conclusion that Russian warplanes are responsible.  Clearly, the cease fire in Syria has expired.

“The whole point of the cease fire was to try to give some relief for a little while so we could give some aid to the people who have been stuck in this conflict,”Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan said.

Syria's violent civil war has been going on for five years and more than 400,000 people have lost their lives.

“The humanitarians delivering lifesaving aid were heroes. Those who bombed them were cowards,” UNGA Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon said.

Tuesday, President Barack Obama delivered his final address to the United Nations General Assembly. No doubt, he had Syria on his mind.

“We need to embrace the tolerance that results from respect of all human beings," Obama said.

Obama painted a dark picture of a world divided between those who want to cooperate with global partners and those who don't. He even took an indirect jab at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"Today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,” Obama said.

In this chaotic election year, if you think decisions made in this country only affect this country, perhaps it's time to think again.


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