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MISSOURI — A Missouri business might be called the Happy Nail Salon, but that all changed thanks to one very angry customer. Instead of writing a bad review or asking for a refund, police say Raven White went on a rampage inside the store.

Security cameras show her pushing over a display of expensive nail polish and knocking items off counters, causing nearly two thousand dollars in damages. “We don’t use cheap products, we use quality on all our customers,” said General ManagerJeanna Gwinn-Williams.

The manager said the woman was not pleased with how her nails came out, so the salon offered to take the nails off and give her a refund, and that’s when things turned ugly. “Plenty of foul language of lot of derogatory terms, that offended not only the staff but also other customers,” Gwinn-Williams said.

“Thanks to technology and social media we were able to wrap it up pretty quickly,” added Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall.

Police said White turned herself in on Saturday and confessed to the crime. She was booked on a preliminary count of felony property damage.

“I’m sure it was awkward for the person who came in to turn themselves in. By losing her composure she didn’t help the situation,” Hall said.

The salon owner doesn’t want white to do jail time, she simply wants an apology and for her to pay for the damages.

“I think that would be more of a lesson than sitting in a jail cell to have to stand up as a woman and apologize for your actions to have to pay for what you did,” Gwinn-Williams said.