Utah college student believes she drinks her professor’s urine for extra credit

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PROVO, UT - Just how far would you go to get a little extra credit in class? Well, one college student was willing to drink her professor's "urine" to score some high marks!

Yeah, she actually did it, too! It was all caught on camera.

"She's holding a trash can in case she throws up," the student who recorded the incident in class said as she reviewed the footage.

Well, that student wishes to remain anonymous, but the event took place in a physiology class at BYU in Utah.

"Is this really your pee?" the extra-credit student asked her professor in the video.

"It sure is," he responded, as the class laughed.

"I think that's asking too much of students," the student who recorded the event said. "And it has nothing to do with how well we study or how well we know actual physiology."

The audio from the incident makes the class sound like a crazy drinking game.

"You've got 15 seconds," the professor warns the extra-credit student. Then the whole classroom begins to chant: "Chug, chug, chug, chug!"

Makes you wonder just how much extra credit she was going to get?!

After she takes a swig, the professor asks, "How'd that taste?"

"It was gross," the girl replies.

"It's supposed to taste gross," the professor responds.

"She could have said, 'no,'" the girl who recorded the incident concluded. "But at the same time I feel like that was a disadvantage to me and the other students who didn't want to drink his urine."

The professor has since issued a statement saying the liquid was not actually urine but just some food coloring mixed with vinegar.

But still, the girl who did it really thought she was drinking urine.

Sounds like the whole class may have a "drinking" problem before this situation gets resolved!


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