Viral video captures Florida man clinging to hood of speeding car during evening commute

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FLORIDA— An evening commuter became famous overnight after capturing video of a man clinging to the hood of a car during his evening commute.

The video was recorded by Daniel Midah and posted to his Twitter account with a caption that read “When she says she’s done with you but you’re not really done with her

Midah, who can be heard talking during the video tells his viewers that he is driving down Mid-45 and thinks the man on the car is having a domestic dispute.

“Mid Highway, this n*** is riding on the hood of the car like it’s no big deal,” said Middah. “And there’s a b**** inside bro. I think they’re talking to each other bro, she’s definitely pissed of right now”

The video has been viewed 990,000 times and has received close to 30, 000 likes since it was posted on Jun. 24.




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