Viral video captures moment Spirit Airlines passenger goes berserk on Houston flight

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HOUSTON— A Spirit Airlines passenger was caught in a now-viral video going berserk during an emergency landing Monday.

Chianti Washington was one of many passengers on the flight from Houston to Minnesota that experienced the irate passenger’s wrath of words.

Washington said she heard the screaming coming from the back of the plane and pulled out her phone to record the woman, who was running down the aisles and screaming at the flight attendants.

“Get me the f*** off this (expletive) plane!” the woman screams. “You want to be (expletive) and b**chy to me? You’ll see me f***ing pissed.”

Two male passengers can be seen trying to calm the woman down but were met with threats.

“Do you know who my brothers are? They are f***ing Marine snipers. Do you want to f*** with a f***ing Marine?” the woman screams, before running towards the cockpit.

According to the airlines, the woman was eventually removed from the plane with the assistance of law enforcement.

Spirit Airlines released a statement that read in part:

Yesterday morning a flight from Houston to Minneapolis had to land in Rochester, Minnesota due to a guest experiencing a medical emergency. On the ground in Rochester, another passenger became erratic and irate and was removed from the aircraft with the assistance of law enforcement. We apologize to our guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay. Safety is our top priority at Spirit Airlines.

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