Virginity in 2017, many losing it later for love

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HOUSTON– If you’re a fan of the CW TV Series “Jane the Virgin,” we’re sure you’re familiar with her complicated story.

Virgins in the year 2017? You might have better luck spotting a unicorn in rush hour traffic.

Newsfix decided to hit the streets in search of a real life Jane the virgin and we met up with Denise Henderson.

Henderson is proud to celebrate her choice of abstinence and she’s not ashamed to be labeled a virgin either.

“Some people think that you are a virgin and it’s not by choice. I’m attractive and a lot of people have tried and the label [virgin] is so off,” said Henderson.

Relationship therapist Dr. Viviana, tells us, “The modern day virgin is all about confidence and empowerment. They’ve chosen either based on strong moral beliefs or safety and health to not engage in any sexual activity prior to being ready.”

So, saving it for later and connecting without connecting. Could that be the secret to true love?

Losing it later for love! How about that!



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