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INDIANAPOLIS, IN –  Sometimes you just gotta to say, “Are you kidding me?”

Take, for example, Kasper Knight.

It seems the Indianapolis rapper will do anything for his art, including taking a bullet to the face!

“Kasper Tha Phantom,” that’s his rap name, says he wanted to shoot himself for a music video, but no one would film it. So, you guessed it, he recorded himself.

WARNING: The video is very graphic.

Sitting in the back seat of a car, armed with a handgun and a cell phone, he pulled the trigger. Afterward, as he held his bloody cheek, he says  “[Expletive] I don’t give a [expletive]about anything no more.”

As you can imagine, the video immediately went viral with millions of views.

One Facebook post: “This is [expeletive] stupid! What if a young kid had to see this, intentionally or accidentally? Think before you post [expletive]!”

Some skeptics don’t even believe it’s real because the bullet didn’t go all the way through. Others think he has a death wish.

One thing’s for sure; no matter what people say about this dumb ass, he can’t just turn the other cheek!