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HOUSTON—Vice President Pence landed in Houston Wednesday ahead of marking the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and to visit Johnson Space Center.

Pence announced on Twitter last week that he would be visiting Houston to talk about the future of human space exploration, which has become a major priority in the Trump administration.

“The time has come to establish the United States Space Force,” Vice President Mike Pence announced from the Pentagon on Thursday. “And our administration will soon take action to implement these recommendations with the objective of establishing the United States Department of the Space Force by the year 2020.”

Pence suggested America’s Space Force will dominate the space domain and President Trump’s campaign has even reached out to supporters asking them to vote for their favorite new Space Force logo to go on future uniforms and gear.

Prior to the “spacewalk,” Pence made a stop in Rockport and Corpus before landing in Houston Wednesday.

“Returning to the First Baptist Church in Rockport, TX today nearly one year after the church was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Inspiring story by the community to rebuild. Will be joined by and to be briefed on overall recovery of the area,” he Tweeted.