Watch model hang from skyscraper with no safety wires!

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DUBAI — You know how they say it is the pretty ones you have to keep your eye on? Well, if they are referring to this Russian model, we can understand why—  talk about high risk!

What on Earth would make the beautiful Viki Odintcova hang 73 floors with absolutely no safety wires? As the 23-year-old dangerously dangles 1,004 feet, from Dubai’s Cayan Tower, her only support is her assistant’s hand!

According to a local newspaper, Dubai officials forced the model to sign a pledge, saying she will never repeat such a life-endangering stunt in their city.

Building officials said they never gave her permission to shoot on the skyscraper.

Yet, Odintcova said she deserves an award for exposing the building’s weak security.

Wait, come again!

So, is this model risking her life for Instagram popularity? It seems some people will do anything for social media likes.

Odintcova said her palms sweat every time she watches the video. Just imagine if her palms started sweating during her photoshoot.

Sounds like Charlie Puth was right in his lyrics, saying “these Instagram models are nothing but trouble.”

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