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LAS VEGAS — A lot of things can happen to you on your drive home, but going into labor will make you slam on the brakes real quick!

Malachi Salbato was at her mother’s house with her two kids when she started feeling bad. She decided to drive home in the dead of night to prepare for her baby’s arrival with her midwife. What she didn’t realize is how close her contractions were!

“They weren’t very strong, so I didn’t think anything about it. I just thought maybe she was moving around and making me a little uncomfortable,” said Salbato.

To her surprise, baby Vaeda was ready to come out, so Malachi pulled into a gas station.

“From the time she told me, ‘Mom, I don’t feel good’ to that baby coming out, was 11 minutes,” said Malachi’s mother Candace Cavasos.

Malachi reclined her seat, put on some relaxing music, honked her horn to get someone’s attention and made a phone call.

“I was more just like, ‘How am I going to make room in here?’” said Salbato.

Her mom arrived shortly after she gave birth.

“She’s in front of a pump, the brightest out of the whole gas station, so I go head to head with her, get out of the car, I run and I’m like ‘do you need me? What do you need?’ she’s like, ‘She’s here’,” said Cavasos.

From gas pump, to feeling pumped, mom and baby are doing just fine.

“I feel great. I’m glad that she’s here. We’ve been waiting,” said Salbato.

This little bundle of joy is all the fuel this family needs!