HOUSTON (KIAH)—As the U.S returned to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, more traffic flooded the roads. Longer wait times on the road has a huge impact on where many choose to live.

According to a study by Hire a Helper, two-thirds of workers who drive alone is the most common way to commute. However, it was even more common pre-pandemic when 76% of workers commuted solo. Now many of the workers who used to commute, work from home.

The latest data from the U.S Census Bureau says that metros are ranked based on the following:

  • Average one-way commute time-40%
  • Share of workers who commute using private transportation-20%
  • When people leave for work-15%
  • Share of houses with occupied vehicles-15%
  • Population density-10%

Based on the data, here’s how Houston ranks (The Woodlands, Sugar Land, TX metro area):

  • Composite score: 72.7
  • One-way commute time: 28.9
  • Commuters using private transportation: 79.5%
  • Times that people leave for work: Above average
  • Houses households with occupied vehicles: 94.2%
  • Population density : 871.6

That’s compared to the statistics for the entire U.S:

  • Composite score: N/A
  • One-way commute time: 25.6
  • Commuters using private transportation: 75.6%
  • Times that people leave for work: N/A
  • Households with occupied vehicles: 92.0%
  • Population density: 94.0

To see the full list of ranked cities, visit HireHelper’s website here.