Wild wind in Midwest breaking records


Bismarck, ND Meteorologist Amber Wheeler, CW39 Chief Meteorologist Adam Krueger on CW39 about record breaking winds in the Midwest

HOUSTON (CW39) There is a huge intense wind storm in the north-central part of the country where winds have been so strong, there’s been much damage.

CW39 Chief meteorologist Adam Krueger talked LIVE with meteorologist Amber Wheeler from our sister station in Bismarck, North Dakota. She is very close to where some of the strongest winds nationwide have been reported with this system.

Even as I driving in, I was dodging trash cans. I think I drove over a Pizza Hut sign. It was insane starting yesterday afternoon. I believe when we (she and Adam) spoke, I was telling you some of the strongest wind gusts that we got were in the low 90’s 90-93 miles per hour and between the time we spoke to set up this talk between us… maybe an hour or so ago to now I have a new report of 105mph. So that’s pretty wild! I got a couple pictures ready for you to show you a couple pictures of a roof ripped off of a trailer there.

Amber Wheeler, Bismarck, ND meteorologist

Reports are breaking records with wind speeds they haven’t seen before. Speeds don’t even fit on the information graphic.

Usually, you don’t plan to squeeze a triple digit number in there in the wind wind gusts graphic. “That is insane,” Adam says.

Numbers didn’t even make its way on the screen. 105mph in Crosby 93-92mph. You get it… there in Bismarck 71mph. The sun will be rising soon so more unfortunate damage reports are expected later this morning.

Amber Wheeler, Bismarck, ND meteorologist

This is not thunderstorm winds. This is not tornado winds. This is just a broad, intense circulation over the northern us.

I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade here, and I don’t remember the last time that I gave a triple digit non-thunderstorm wind speed like this. We’re used to winds where the upper plains we’re a relatively flat state, so we’re used to the wind. We’re ready for that. We quite often get wind gusts of 40 & 50 miles per hour. But this has been a pretty wild morning for us and I’m sure we’ll make the national headlines here later today.

Amber Wheeler, Bismarck, ND meteorologist

“As for school closing and delays, schools are closed or at least delayed this morning just because of the wind alone. Really strong winds like this make it tough for high profile vehicles to move through the area, so a lot of schools are on a couple hour delay or buses are not running because they can’t take them out. Especially on the open country. As for the roads, we could also see icy conditions so you add the strong winds wind gusts over 70 and that’s just pushing folks around. So it’s pretty dangerous on our roads here; even if you’re not in a high-profile vehicle” Wheeler adds.

As for temperatures, it’s cold but they’re surprisingly seeing warmer than average temperatures with this wind.

Wheeler said “yesterday when I was on the air we were talking about possibly breaking records. We were breaking records were hitting 50’s yesterday, which is really wild for us. Our average here is typically 23 degrees.”

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