Will artificial intelligence be taking over our commute?

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PHOENIX — Artificial intelligence is one of the many scientific developments that may be used to fix transportation in this country.

Something like “Gideon” from the “Waverider” on The CW’s D.C. Legends of Tomorrow? Gideon sets navigation, operates the team’s vehicle, and even updates the crew on maintenance, whether they like it or not.

Why isn’t a “Gideon” managing our daily commute already?

Apps like Waze and Google maps already know the fastest routes.

According to tech blog, Arstechnica, fully driverless cars could be months away.

They report that Google’s self driving car unit, “WAYMO” is preparing to launch a commercial ride-sharing service with no human safety drivers as soon as this fall. Ride sharing service Uber is also investing a fortune into A.I. technology.

Whether the future of driving includes a hyperloop, electric batteries that travel 200 miles on a 6 minute charge, or a moody robot ready to manage both you and your drive to work, the new age of motor vehicles is upon us.



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