Female cop personally arrests child molester who abused her when she was 4 years old

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WACO, Texas — A Texas woman molested for four years as a child brought her abuser to justice as a cop more than a decade later, the Daily Beast reports.

The unnamed victim says Erlis Chaisson, a family member, started sexually abusing her in the mid-’90s when she was 8 years old.

According to KXXV, Chaisson had already been convicted of molesting another 8-year-old girl a few years earlier.

In 2014, the victim contacted Chaisson and told him she was going to counseling and wanted to talk about the abuse, the Waco Tribune reports. Chaisson agreed to meet. He didn’t know she was a Texas police officer, and he also didn’t know she was wearing a wire.

Chaisson would confess six times over the first 90 minutes of their conversation.

Prosecutors say Chaisson was shockingly forthcoming in his conversation with the victim, which was played in its entirety for jurors. He accused the victim of “trying to put all the blame on me” while simultaneously blaming her for wanting the abuse. He also blamed his own genitals.

“The d— has no conscience,” the Daily Beast quotes Chaisson as saying on the recording. “If you had a penis, you would know.”

The victim says her “heart was racing” during Chaisson’s confession.

“He was talking like he was talking to his best friend,” she says. Because it wasn’t his first such offense, a jury sentenced the 47-year-old Chaisson to life in prison last month.

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