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PITTSBURGH, Penn. — You probably think a pizza party sounds like a perfectly innocent way for kids to have fun, but not for one 15-year-old boy living just outside of Pittsburgh.

Derry Township police said Tonia Simms and Melissa Weaver invited the teen to a pizza party and then had sex with him. The women are facing several charges including statutory sexual assault and corruption of a minor.

The teen told police he met the women through a mutual friend. According to investigators, the women invited the boy to Simms’ apartment and gave him pizza and alcohol. Simms sent her own children to bed before the women took the teen to a bedroom and started undressing, officers said.

The teen told detectives Weaver looked at him and asked, “What? You’ve never had a threesome before?”

One can only imagine what happened next.

Investigators said both women admitted to the crime. Simms confessed and said she had sex with the teen on other time and called it a “moment of weakness,” police said.